Humanitas EAP


Supporting you and your team!

In Employee Assistance work, our key value is that of excellent care for troubled employees.

Your employees should have a personalized, caring, client-centered service. Our counsellors use a brief, solution focused approach, designed to assist employees identify desired solutions to current problems, and plan the steps which must be taken to achieve such solutions.

When employees present problems which require specialized, intense, or long term treatment, our counsellors will refer to the best resource. After referral, we will follow through with employees to help assess how well the chosen resource is meeting their needs.

When necessary, we assist in the reintegration back into the workplace of employees who have been absent from work.

In all our work with clients, Humanitas maintains strict confidentiality and the highest standards of clinical care.

The effectiveness of an Employee Assistance Program in an organization depends on how well it fits with the culture and climate of that organization. Humanitas works with the client corporation to develop the best EAP for its culture.