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Attracting the best executives is critical. Retaining the best is a challenge. Supporting their performance is an imperative because excellence doesn’t just happen.

The Execufirst Portfolio

Executives are mandated to make important decisions each day. Many of these decisions immediately impact customers, employees and the corporate bottom line. You need individuals who are at peak performance – who are aware of the power of effective leadership and who use it appropriately. Successful corporations know their leaders must be focused and effective every day. Anything you can do to help executives be at their best, personally and professionally, is critical for your company’s success.

Emerging business conditions have brought extra pressure on the executive suite. How do you support hard working executives to sustain performance when demand is unrelenting?

The Execufirst Portfolio is a package of services, which provides this support. Targeting both the team and the individual, these services offer a way to sustain performance. The services cover all aspects affecting productivity. We support your executives when urgent action is required because of job stress; personal challenges or emotional health is threatened.

We assist you to assess current areas of strength in your executive team and ensure that you are leveraging that success effectively. As well, we will identify areas where there is opportunity to improve executive performance. We will work with you to intervene effectively to meet your ‘people’ challenges.

Professional, confidential, executive focused help is at your fingertips. We are your expert resource and are available when required. We deal with any human resource challenge - team or individual – that may threaten executive performance.

Execufirst Services

1. Overview and Assessment of Executive Leadership in the Organization
This is our entry activity. It’s purpose is to provide the executive team with a clear and concise overview of their leadership skills and behaviours as they are viewed by the executive group and as they are seen by a cross section of the employee group.
Two possible models against which we can assess the information we gather are the Likert and the Goleman models. The information is gathered in a variety of ways:

  • a focus group(s) composed of key employees across the organizational structure
  • a 360 degree psychometric instrument
  • structured, one-on-one interviews with each executive team member
  • an evaluative interview with the CEO

    The information gathered will be assembled into a report which will be delivered individually to each executive. The report will have two parts:


    2. Feedback from the focus groups, the CEO, the psychometric instruments and comments of individual memebers of the executive team about the general leadership set of the executive group as a whole.

    3. Individual 360 degree data drawn from the psychometric instrument as well as from specific comments heard in the focus group.